2 Fatal Myths about Stock Trading

  When people start thinking about trading for extra income or for a living, their individual opinion of how long they have to trade for is often skewed. On one end, you have the people who believe trading is this easy task that you can do almost everywhere comfortably beside the beach while sipping on [...]


Stop Trying to Predict Stocks

"What if i bought Amazon and held when it was a dollar? I would be a billionaire." We are all millionaires and billionaires in hindsight. It all sounds so simple when we look back at it. But in reality, in the moment, it almost never works out that way we make it sound. How much [...]

Risk Vs Reward Misconception

Risk Vs Reward is a concept that many beginner traders think they understand, but in turn do not truly understand. Even professional traders often forget the underlying meaning of risk vs reward. When we bring up risk vs reward, we often only think of a 2:1, 3:1 or 7:1 scenario, or in a currency based [...]

Why Every Single Trader Needs A Big Loss

As a rookie trader we often believe that we can maneuver easily through all the obstacles that experienced traders went through when they first began their journey in trading.We hear stories of blown accounts, over-sizing, fear, greed and any more reasons to lead to failure early on in their career. New traders often get told [...]